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Clinical Services

Individual Psychotherapy

I am trained in cognitive therapies. My approach is evidence-based and aimed at the treatment of symptoms and their underlying causes.

Psychodiagnostics and psychological assessment

I offer psychological assessment of cognitive functions and personality. Assessments are not only relevant for diagnostic purposes but also for assessing progress in psychotherapy.

Mindfulness Meditation training

Mindfulness is a very popular practice these days. It can improve mental health overall. It can also be used in psychotherapy with specific aims as well.

Clinical hypnosis

Hypnosis can be useful for the treatment of certain disorders and ailments such as anxiety and chronic pain. Besides training health professionals, I also have extensive experience in neuroscience research on hypnosis.

Neuropsychological assessments

Neuropsychological tests measure cognitive functions' performance. They provide a good picture of cognitive functioning, very useful for the assessment of psychiatric disorders and dementia.

Psychiatric disorders

I have specialised over the years in the treatment and management of a number of mental disorders such as panic attacks, phobias, generalised anxiety, social anxiety, depression, personality disorders, acute stress and post-traumatic stress, and dissociative disorders.

I currently live and work in Stockholm, Sweden. But I can provide some of these services online by Zoom or Skype. If you are interested in my services and would like to ask for my fees and book an appointment, you can do it by filling out this form:

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